1982 MAGNUM IS BORN The first Magnum boot was born in 1982 through a direct demand from the FBI training center, for lightweight, athletic and comfortable tactical boots.

1985 INVESTMENT IS MADE INTO MAGNUM R&D As demand grew for this type of boot, we invested time in researching what the end user really wanted from Magnum boots. The end users told us that there was a need for several variations of the popular style in a mid cut, including the boot being available in full leather, waterproof and steel toe versions.

1990 FIRST COMPLETE GLOBAL MAGNUM FOOTWEAR COLLECTION IS LAUNCHED Once Magnum was well established across the USA, the demand from around the world increased, which meant that the collection needed to appeal to different climates, tastes and approaches to uniform requirements. The first global Magnum footwear collection was created.

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