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Swiss brand created  in 2006 by two young, entrepreneurs: Karl Müller comes from the family who revolutionised shoe market launching technology based on Masai barefoot walking (brand MBT). Claudio Minder  famous presenter and media expert in Swiss. Their aim is to give customers a shoe that sets new standards, granting comfort in walking and health benefits.Joya is a Swiss brand that produces ergonomic and innovative shoes, designed for the well-being of your feet and your posture. Joya shoes are equipped with a special sole that cushions impacts and promotes the natural movement of the foot, stimulating blood circulation and relaxing the muscles. Furthermore, Joya shoes are made with high quality, resistant and breathable materials, and have an elegant and modern design, suitable for any occasion. Whether you need shoes for work, leisure or sport, Joya has the right model for you. Don't wait any longer, give yourself the pleasure of walking on clouds with Joya shoes!

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