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Founded in 1945 as an artisan workshop of made-to-measure footwear, Melluso is a footwear company that has been owned by the family of the same name for over 4 generations. Founded in the post-war period by Alfonso Melluso, the historic shoe factory stood in the center of Naples. Right from the start, the footwear stood out for the quality of the products and the choice of raw materials.


The company's stylists are constantly at work to intercept tastes and new trends. to offer collections that are sure to be successful.


The original artisan tradition is still evident in the research and selection of the finest and softest leathers, in the care for the finishing touches and in the perfection of the inside of the shoe in which every detail, from the anatomical footbed to the smallest stitching. helps to create a situation of maximum comfort.


The artisan experience of three successive generations is not set aside but is enriched thanks to the contribution of some of the most advanced processing techniques. Today it is to all intents and purposes a cutting-edge industry, with one of the most modern and up-to-date processing chains in Europe.

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